Believing that innovation is the key to lasting success, EU COMP is on its way to becoming a platform for Germany’s engineering specialists. Their dedication to our ambitious vision of becoming a market leader in the global compressed air industry is seconded only by their passion for creating groundbreaking products which enable our customers to make the most of their enterprise’s potential. That's why the German engineers at EU COMP make the research and development of new technologies one of their utmost priorities. Our integration into a comprehensive network linking research facilities, laboratories and technical institutions guarantees the creation of solutions that impress customers all over the world with quality, maximum efficiency and perfect calculation. Valuable experience gained over decades combined with bundled knowledge are a long term investment into the future of our business.

While our team of engineers places their main focus on development and research, competent and well-informed consultants offer their assistance in finding the perfect components for our customers' conditions. Experienced in sales as well as in technology, they know both sides of the coin and by that know what is essential for the performance of your system while at the same time keeping an eye on the financial framework. EU COMP is proud to offer products that feature an optimum price-performance ratio – and we want you to be able to take advantage of it. 

Excellent manpower is the basis of a successful business. Yet, providing the most capable aids helps our engineers to focus on the essential. During the process of developing products that are destined to fundamentally challenge anything that has been in the industry before, EU COMP makes it a point to utilize the most up-to-date engineering aids the third millennium has to offer. To ensure complete customer satisfaction in regard to optimized selection of compressor elements, calculation and assembly, we rely on EU SELECT, a newly developped software, supervised by EU COMP. Offering detailed data on all of our screw compressor air ends of up to 200 kW power consumption, EU SELECT enables the user to not only size the compressor stage itself, but to calculate complete screw compressor packages. The program is operated using the computer’s mouse to easily add and alter project details required for an optimum screw compressor application. The process of sizing and selection is simplified and more efficient than ever before.