To make the Future last

Excelling in durability and reliability, EU COMP's products are bound to set new standards in the industry. Proud of what we do, we believe in our products and in their quality. Our aim is to deliver sophisticated technology that is built for a long, successful service life. As a consequence, we commit to the solution we have created throughout its entire life cycle and stand by your side whenever the need arises.

To reach optimum performances, you need your machinery to be working. As efficiently as possible, and as long as possible. Utilizing only well reputed and proven machinery in developing your solution, EU COMP's products provide everything that is essential for our costumers' needs – right from the beginning.

One of the most characteristic features of our compressors is the variety of speed drives that can be used to power them. Whether your conditions dictate the use of a pneumatic or electrical control, our compressor stages offer maximum performance rates no matter which possibility you choose. Modular in structure, our units may also be expanded or modified at any given point during their service lives. Skilled experts at EU COMP gladly consult you in finding the right improvement to accommodate new challenges into your machinery. Thus the outstanding flexibility of EU COMP's compressor stages helps you stay on top of the latest industry developments while at the same time keeping your investments at a minimum.

Extending an extensive maintenance and repair service to our customers and OEM partners, we offer quick and target-oriented support – anytime, worldwide. Experienced in analyzing any given source, our well trained team of technicians and engineers solves problems quickly and efficiently, ensuring your

EU COMP product is as reliable as you need it to be.